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Quantic Dream’s Spot Light Initiative Wants To Focus On Games, Not Franchises

Quantic Dream, the studio behind beloved titles such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, has branched off into publishing titles alongside developing them. CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière said the company’s intention for publishing games was to help smaller studios create games in an industry that has become focused on the next big-budget IP.

In a report by Game Developer, the outlet asked the CEO what was important to the studio moving forward with publishing games through small-scale projects.

We’ve met a lot of developers who’ve told us that it’s hard to pitch publishers [in the current market], because they want to do something at a smaller scale, So we thought maybe there’s a space for us here, to help those developers achieve their goals by using our own production and technical abilities.

Guillaume expressed that Quantic Dream wouldn’t interfere with development unless the studio asked for assistance. Studios and creators signed with Spotlight will remain “fully independent” as Quantic Dream’s approach to publishing is through humility, rather than any other sort of overriding ambition.

We’ve gone into this very humbly,” he said, “because we’re learning everyday. It’s about stepping back and asking ‘how was it when we started developing games?’ and thinking about how we can apply [what we learned], and perhaps also help them avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way.

The report goes further in depth in discussing how Quantic Dream wants to make the development process more accessible for studios, and how the Netease Acquisition has allowed them to become more ambitious. We definitely recommend you check it out for yourself.

Quantic Dream has been very busy, with its upcoming Star Wars game and has just recently released one of its Spot Light published games, Under The Waves on PlayStation. You can check out the launch trailer here.

The studio also revealed that Detroit: Become Human has sold 8 million copies. Are you a fan of Quantic Dream and looking forward to their upcoming projects? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Game Developer