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Quantum Error Has A New Bone-Chilling Gameplay Trailer, Early Access Begins On Halloween

Quantum Error is an upcoming Unreal Engine 5 created horror title from TeamKill Media, who just released a new gameplay trailer for the coming game due to launch at the beginning of November.

If you’re especially keen to jump into your sci-fi firefighting boots and axe away at some grotesque creatures, you can pre-order the game right now and get access to it three days before it’s November launch, making launch day Halloween.

We get a look at both third and first-person gameplay in this trailer, along with a look at the HUD players will see when playing.

You can check out the trailer for yourself, below.

A happy change when it comes to Quantum Error’s version of allowing players early access to their game, is that you don’t need to pony up more cash for it. Just buy the standard edition, and you’ll get to jump in on Halloween.

It’s in fact cheaper to pre-order it for PS Plus subscribers, who get a small discount for grabbing Quantum Error ahead of its launch.

Source – [TeamKill Media]