Rainbow Moon follow-up Rainbow Skies in development ‘for consoles and handhelds’

PSN RPG hit Rainbow Moon will get a sequel in 2014.

The news comes courtesy of NeoGAF, which spotted a Facebook post from publisher eastasiasoft confirming the news. The sequel, Rainbow Skies, already has an official website. The site’s first blog post details the following new features, which will expand the series’ old-school tactical RPG gameplay:

-Monsters can be caught, upgraded, and become part of the player’s party
-An advanced battle system with new combo attacks
-New treasure-hunt quests and an improved side quest system
-Various buildings can now be entered and explored
-A lot of new and exciting dungeon elements
-New mini games
-Tons of new and exciting content that will keep gamers hooked 

Release platforms aren’t confirmed, but eastasiasoft that the game is in development ‘for consoles and handhelds’ and scheduled for a 2014 release. We’ve added Rainbow Skies to our database, so hit up our gallery to check the game’s first screenshots.

Did you play Rainbow Moon when it released last year? Are you excited for another turn-based RPG romp? Sound off in the comments.