Rainbow Six Vegas 2 still on track for PS3

French publisher Ubisoft has listed the PlayStation 3 version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on its official website, squashing recent rumors suggesting that the title would be an Xbox 360/PC exclusive.

Rumours that the PS3 version had been delayed or even dropped started circulating last month after only the PC and 360 were mentioned on the game’s product page on Ubisoft’s website. The Ubisoft product page still remains the same, only listing the Xbox 360 and PC versions, but now the PlayStation 3 version appears on their release list.

PlayStation 3 owners can now look forward to getting the game at the same time as their 360 counterparts, which is fair considering the last version of the game was released much later than the Xbox 360 version (the 360 version was released on November 21, 2006 while the PS3 version wasn’t released until June 26, 2007).

The sequel will look to pick up the storyline following the Rainbow team that is dispatched to Las Vegas, Nevada to defeat international terrorist Irena Morales and her massive army of mercenaries that is repeatedly attacking key locations in the city.