Ratchet & Clank dev reveals what it likes most about the PS4

Speaking during an interview with OPM UK, Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games has listed the PlayStation 4’s considerable technical muscle and user base as one of the many highlights of Sony’s current-generation console.

As Ratchet & Clank is the studio’s first PS4 game, the publication asked Insomniac Games’ Ted Price what the company likes most about the system, and he didn’t beat around the bush giving an answer:

“Power. That’s the big one for us. And having a very large playerbase. We hope people who made the transition to PS4 love Sony’s franchises!” 

Price wasn’t the only one to extol PS4’s meaty innards either. Community boss James Stevenssen revealed that one of the key weapons in the game, the Pixelizer, was only made possible thanks to the added power of Sony’s latest home console.

It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while, but we’ve never had the horsepower to do it until the PS4,” he said. “It’s funny how much horsepower you need to make that weapon work—to make something relatively lo-rest.” 

Ratchet & Clank is due out exclusively on PS4 in April and will coincide with the launch of the movie adaptation of PlayStation’s dynamic duo in cinemas. This time around, the narrative is told from the perspective of Captain Qwark, and features a host of classic Ratchet & Clank characters, including the eponymous duo, Big Al, Dr. Nefarious, Chairman Drek, and some new faces to boot.

Furthermore, Insomniac has updated the game’s controls, offering a more modern take on the classic franchise, as well as introducing a heap of new mechanics and weapons to get to grips with. Think of it as the origins story you know and love, but with a twist. 

Source: OPM UK Issue 120 (March 2016)