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60 FPS PS5 Games – Unofficial PS5 FPS Boost Patches For RDR 2, Driveclub & More Tested By Digital Foundry

PS5 FPS performance on a number of classic PS4 titles have left a lot to be desired, with many games either performing sub-par or haven’t received an official 60 FPS PS5 boost at all. For example, many people are still waiting for a Bloodborne PS5 60 FPS patch, which has yet to see a release by Sony.

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However, the folks at Digital Foundry have tested a number of games using an official FPS boost in collaboration with modder Illusion, with titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, DriveClub and more really shining on PS5. Check out the video below to see more details.

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The Digital Foundry report goes on to ask a question on most of our minds: Why hasn’t Sony and third-party publishers offered 60 FPS upgrades for major last-get titles? Illusion obviously is well-known at this point to have offered unofficial upgrade for various games, so why not an official answer? According to DF, the likely answer is that these PS4 titles would be required to be ported to a later Sony SDK to run in bespoke performance modes on the PS5.

This would reportedly require a buy-in from not only Sony, but also developers and publishers alike. A solution suggested by DF is for the hardware manufacturer to introduce functions within the operating system on the PS5 to disable calls for the console to level 30 FPS cap on specific, white-listed titles. It’s a similar route to what Microsoft has taken with FPS Boost.

Lance McDonald released a Bloodborne FPS patch that required a lot more work, as it doesn’t simply remove the frame rate cap, but ports across support for unlocked frame rates via code from the Dark Souls 3 PS4 Pro patch released by FromSoftware. Other titles that required some extra tweaking include DriveClub and Batman Arkham Knight; the latter had a faulty 60 FPS that had to be deactivated after the 30 FPS cap was removed.

[Source – Digital Foundry via Eurogamer]