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Red Dead Redemption Has Been Rated In Korea, A Remaster/Remake Could Be On Its Way

While the Grand Theft Auto franchise takes up most of the spotlight when discussing Rockstar titles, Red Dead Redemption and its prequel-sequel are two games that are absolutely not to be missed, though its now unfortunately more difficult to play the first game if all you’re equipped with is a PS5.

A new rating in Korea however for Red Dead Redemption might be the glimmer of hope that fans have been waiting for, as it could indicate that a remaster or even better, remake of Rockstar’s excellent wild-west gun-slinging classic is making a return.

Red Dead Redemption is one of those titles that remains stuck on the PS3-Xbox 360 generation of consoles. Yes, you can play it via backwards compatibility on Xbox Series consoles, but there’s no such option on the PlayStation side of things.

It’s also worth noting that even on Xbox, you’re only playing a version that was given a frame rate boost, with no other work done to make it a proper remaster or remake.

Red Dead Redemption always deserved the remaster or remake treatment, but has yet to get it. Hopefully this is a sign that Rockstar has actually been listening.

Source – [Gematsu]