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New Resident Evil 2 Remake leak shows Ada Wong redesign

Resident Evil 2 remake ada wong

The flurry of Resident Evil 2 Remake news is showing no signs of stopping ahead of its launch next January as today we’ve just gotten the very first sneak picture of Industrial spy Ada Wong’s redesign courtesy of a screenshot leak.

Coming via an allegedly now-private (you can’t stop sleuths from screen-capping juicy leaks) Twitter account, the leaked screenshot features everyone’s favourite double-agent Ada Wong alongside rookie hero Leon S. Kennedy.

The leak does match up with the silhouette shape of Ada in the game’s original reveal, as many posited she was in fact wearing some sort of a trench coat, and that now looks to be confirmed. That being the case, the trench coat/wide-framed sunglasses combination isn’t exactly inconspicuous, especially if you’re trying to come off as a completely innocent bystander who’s just trying to find their boyfriend.

Resident evil 2 remake ada wong

Be that as it may, it’s still nice finally get a look at one of the game’s most important characters – second only to Kendo, of course. And perhaps Tofu if you’re so inclined.

The leak of course comes fresh after the release of some Claire gameplay at this year’s Gamescom in which she staves off the advances of both police chief Brian Irons of scientist William Birkin, two of the game’s main antagonists.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake arrives on PS4s the world over on January 25, 2019.