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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Chess Plug Puzzle Solution Guide

Resident Evil 2 Remake is packed full of unlockable’s, collectibles and Puzzles to solve. Some of these puzzles can be tough so we have provided some easy solutions for you.

For those that played the original Resident Evil 2 back on the PS1 will remember a puzzle that required plugs that were designed as chess pieces. While that exact puzzle isn’t in the Remake a different version of that same puzzle can be found.

the solution to the puzzle is written on the information board located in the same room the plugs need to be inserted the solution itself is actually fairly simple but if you still have trouble we have the solution. Looking at the puzzle as if you were looking at it as you enter the location with the information wall facing north. the solution is below this video guide:

Top Left = Knight

Middle Left = Rook

Bottom Left =Bishopp

Top Right = King

Middle Right = Queen

Bottom Right = Pawn

This puzzle is completed once you have all the plugs in your possession and is a story related puzzle so you have to complete to to move on with the game. For more help, check out the Resident Evil 2 Remake walkthrough.