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Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets A 4GB Day-One Patch Ahead Of Launch

Those who’ve pre-ordered and pre-installed Resident Evil 4 Remake ahead of its March 24, 2023 launch might’ve noticed that an update for the title was released.

Update 1.02 contains “miscellaneous bug fixes” according to the patch notes, though its not so much the notes, but rather the size of the update that’s more interesting, as it comes in at 4GB.

While the exact download size of the game for PS5 and PS4 has yet to be revealed, a 4GB patch already seems to indicate we could be in for quite a large title.

The Xbox version of the game will reportedly take up 67GB of storage, so if that’s any measurement to go by, it definitely won’t be a small game.

At the very least SSD’s compatible with the PS5 seem to be consistently going down in price, or going on sale, so if you really are struggling with storage, expanding won’t hurt your wallet like it might’ve when the feature was first enabled.

Source – [TwistedVoxel]