Resident Evil 7 demo update and trailer – Twilight available today on PS4

Capcom has dropped a plethora of news in its big press conference at the Tokyo Game Show today, including news of a Resident Evil 7 demo update, which they were kind enough to post on their Capcom-Unity website. 

Along with a new Resident Evil 7 trailer, Capcom has also announced an update to the Beginning Hour Demo which released during E3 week, as well as confirming details on digital pre-order bonuses. 

The new trailer shows off some of the game’s combat system where we see the protagonist firing his gun at the unstoppable Mr. Baker along with what looks like some destructible environments. The trailer ends with you sitting at the dinner table with the Baker Family as they dine on what looks like decomposing flesh and then try and force you to eat it as well. It definitely sets up an intriguing concept and we here at PSU are ecstatic to learn more about this drastic change in direction for the Resident Evil franchise.

Check out th new Resident Evil 7 trailer below.

Download the Resident Evil 7 demo

An update to the Beginning Hour Demo dubbed “Twilight” will be released on September 15. The Twilight update will also allow all PS4 players to download the Beginning Hour demo as opposed to just PS Plus owners. Capcom has also detailed the digital deluxe pre-order goodies players will receive in North America. 

Those who pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition were treated the the full game and the season pass, which features two additional story episodes for $79.99. In addition to the two story episodes Capcom has added a third episode increasing the price to $89.99, although those who have this pre-ordered already will be upgraded for free. 

Meanwhile, gamers who pre-order either the regular edition or the digital deluxe edition will also receive the Survival Pack, a Recovery Set, as well as a mysterious in-game Lucky Coin and early access to the games Madhouse difficulty mode. Last but not least those who pre-order on the NA PlayStation Store will also receive a dynamic PS4 theme. 

Resident Evil 7 is due out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017.