Resident Evil 7 developer confirms that combat is in the game

The producer behind Resident Evil 7: biohazard has quelled fears that the upcoming survival horror sequel will eschew the series’ traditional blood-soaked combat.

Speaking during an interview with Metro, Masachika Kawata said that combat will feature in Resident Evil 7 despite previews so far not including any of the blood-splattering antics. The two demos showcased thus far however are meant to provide details on various other elements of the game.

Combat is obviously something that’s really important in a Resident Evil game, we’re just kind of showing a little bit at a time with different aspects. Beginning Hour was really just the feeling of atmosphere and exploration, which is another classic Resident Evil element, and now you’ve been able to see a little bit more of the fear of escape from an enemy. And also we’ve had a little bit of puzzle element in it,” said Kawata-san.



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So we’re taking it one step at a time here. Some people have got the impression that combat is missing from this game, because of the content we’ve shown so far, but actually combat is definitely in there. The main character is not one of these gun-toting heroes that we’ve sort of gone towards in the recent entries. It’s very much a normal person, a normal guy who’s put in an extreme situation and has to survive.

And we’re going to be showing off some more around that, but for the time being we haven’t got around to that yet. But rest assured we know what people want from Resident Evil: it’s exploration, puzzle-solving, managing limited resources, and combat in a horrifying situation. And you know, we’re gonna get there.”

Sony announced a Resident Evil 7 release date of January 24, 2017 during its E3 press conference on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. In addition, the horror title will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR, Sony’s upcoming virtual reality gaming headset for PS4.

Resident Evil 7 takes place on a remote plantation in Louisiana, and is set from a first-person perspective. The story revolves around the disappearance of the noted Baker family, with gamers controlling a brand new protagonist as they fight to stay alive against the malevolent inhabitants of the mansion and its grounds. 

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