Resident Evil 7 DLC will be FREE in spring 2017


Capcom has announced in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine that it will release a free story-based DLC for Resident Evil 7: biohazard this spring.

Titled Not a Hero, the free DLC is said to offer something different to the main campaign, which sees Ethan Winters exploring the mysterious Baker mansion in search of his missing wife. However, full details on the DLC have yet to be confirmed, though Capcom said it will reveal more info soon enough.

Over the weekend we confirmed details on the Resident Evil 7 Season Pass, which is set to feature a number of additional ‘footage’ content, plus a brand new story episode to tuck into. The Season Pass can be purchased on its own or packaged with the Resident Evil 7 Digital Deluxe edition. Don’t forget that you can also pick up a special Collector’s Edition if you fancy splashing out on the game.

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017. The game is set to take around 15 hours to complete based on individual skill, and is fully playable with PlayStation VR from start to finish. Find out how much space Resident Evil 7 will take up on your PS4. 

The events of the game take place four years after the global bio-terrorism antics of Resident Evil 6, with the action set in Louisiana, southern U.S. in the small town of Dulvey. Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Resident Evil 7 takes place from a first-person perspective, and channels the old-school survival horror template of the classic Resi titles. 

Source: NeoGaf