Resident Evil 7 ending confirms Not a Hero DLC character, major spoilers within


Capcom has tucked away some new details on the upcoming Resident Evil 7: biohazard DLC ‘Not a Hero’ within the game’s end credit—but we don’t recommend reading further unless you’ve finished the game yourself.

Specifically, the info pops up after the credits have rolled, and confirms the main character to feature in the story-based expansion, which Capcom previously announced will drop free of charge in spring 2017. We’re going into major spoiler territory now, so do NOT read any further unless you either don’t mind spoiling the Resident Evil 7 ending for yourself, or you’ve already completed it yourself.

Resident Evil 7 ending spoilers for new DLC Not a Hero

As you will recall, Resident Evil 7’s story wraps up with the appearance of a chap by the name of Redfield, who introduces himself to Ethan once you’ve beaten the final boss of the game. It’s this character who will you will playing as in Not a Hero. Still, while Chris Redfield is the most obvious face who comes to mind, a few things just don’t add up: 1) He’s jumping out of an Umbrella Corporation chopper, who are the organisation that Chris and his former S.T.A.R.S. buddies have been battling against for years and 2) He doesn’t actually resemble Chris as we know him. 


One popular than theory doing the rounds is that ‘Redfield’ is not not the ex-Alpha Team member at all, but rather, is actually the Umbrella agent HUNK, aka, Mr. Death. Fans may recall that this character appeared in his own scenario in Resident Evil 2, where he escaped Raccoon City with a sample of William Birkin’s G-Virus. He also popped up in Resident Evil 3’s epilogue and featured in Umbrella Chronicles, though we’ve yet to get a solid look at his face—until now, apparently. 

Still, if it is indeed HUNK or some other nefarious Umbrella chap, it would certainly fit nicely with the Not a Hero moniker. Don’t forget that the first two Banned Footage DLCs are on their way to PS4 in the not-too-distant future.

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Source: Eurogamer