Resident Evil 7 – How to solve the Happy Birthday Puzzle

happy birthday puzzle

Spoiler alert! Turn away now if you would prefer to solve the Happy Birthday puzzle in Resident Evil 7 on your own. If not, you’re in the right place as we guide you through with a quick solution.

You’ll find the Happy Birthday video tape in the mission where you have to get the serum ingredients for Lucas.

The objective is to find two key cards.

The tape can be found up in the attic of the old house. Just wait for the ladder to drop down and open the closet in the attic to pick up the tape.

Put the tape into a video player and watch it.

You’ll be presented with the following puzzle:

“Eds315 uq-79fc Wepl

Happy Birthday!!

Experiment: Can trespassing idiots solve puzzles?”

Happy Birthday tape solution

1.Pick up the candle.

2.Walk over to the birthday cake.

3.Solve the combination lock. Solution: Man with chainsaw, hat with raven, baby.

4.Pick up the straw doll.

5.Turn the key on the keg in the same room.

6.Go to the room with the oven and turn on the hob.

7.Burn the straw doll and receive the dummy finger.

8.Light the candle on the hob.

9.Burn the small piece of rope on the door.

10.Enter the room full of balloons and pick one up.

11.Place the balloon on the leaking gas pipe in the other room to get a quill pen.

12.Go back to where you found the candle and put the dummy finger, winding key and quill pen on the mannequin.

13.Go back to the balloon room and enter ‘Loser’ in the combination lock on the door to get the valve handle.

14.Go back to room with the cake and place the handle on the pipe.

15.Light the candle on the oven and then put the candle on the cake.

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