Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero screenshots


Capcom has released a fresh batch of Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero screenshots for your consumption.

This latest bunch of images showcases some of the firepower that protagonist Chris Redfield is able to wield in the upcoming action-based expansion, including the powerful Albert pistol and Thor’s Hammer Shotgun.

Perhaps the most interesting info garnered from the images however is the confirmation that the muscle-bound Redfield will once again be able to pummel his enemies with powerful melee attacks. 

Indeed, those who enjoyed the more action-packed antics of Resident Evil 5 and 6 should feel right at home here.

While details on the plot of Not a Hero are being kept under wraps at present, it has been confirmed that the mission takes place immediately after the events of Resident Evil 7’s main campaign. 

From what we can tell, Redfield is hunting a vital target linked to the outbreak at the Baker estate, which previous reports have said is none other than Lucas Baker. Players will be able to explore both familiar and new areas, and there’s also a new Molded to battle against. 

Not a Hero was originally pencilled in for a spring 2017 launch window, but was delayed to December release. That month will also see the launch of Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, which includes the full game plus all available downloadable content released to date. 

Check out the Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero screenshots below.