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Resident Evil 9 Is Reportedly Launching In 2025 And Will Likely Be Announced Next Year

Capcom insider Dusk Golem has claimed that Resident Evil 9 is likely to launch in 2025 and will be announced at some point next year.

Speaking on Discord, Dusk, who has been leaking Resident Evil-related news for years now (although he’s admittedly hit and miss with a lot of things; what happened to RE Revelations 3 with Rebecca Chambers, for example), commented:

2025, I’ll say that much, though probably will be announced next year. I won’t answer any further RE stuff, but I’ll throw that bone out there. There’s a big Capcom game being announced at the end of the year that’s releasing in Fall 2024, and likely RE9 will be announced next year and release in 2025.

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Capcom hasn’t announced anything about Resident Evil 9 yet, so take all this with a pinch of salt for the time being. However, the game. Dusk Golem previously claimed in March 2021 that RE9 was still a few years away, and wouldn’t show up until 2024 at the earliest. He followed this up with another post in April stating that Capcom wants to move away from numbered Resident Evil games after 9.

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