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Resident Evil: Death Island Is A New CG-Animated Film Coming This Summer

The Resident Evil franchise has never been the kind that can boast quality entries across all its mediums. While many of the games have reached high levels of critical and commercial acclaim, other areas like its films have found less success.

Which is what makes it not at all surprising to learn that once again we’ll be getting a CG-animated film from Capcom in the world of Resident Evil with Resident Evil: Death Island, coming sometime summer 2023.

This film is said to be distributed by Sony, so its unclear yet if it’ll be a streaming-only launch like its previous CG-animated film on Netflix or if it’ll release in theatres, though with so much of Sony’s interests being in film a theatrical release isn’t out of the question.

An official trailer for the film was released on Tuesday through IGN, which you can check out for yourself here.

So far the trailer tells us there will be plenty of creepy creatures and some kind of messed-up scary-looking shark. Can’t wait to see how it does come awards season.

Source – [IGN]