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Resident Evil Village Director Says PS5 3D Audio Tech Will Be ‘Indispensable’ For Future Horror Games

The director behind Resident Evil Village has extolled the virtues of Sony‘s 3D audio technology in the PS5, revealing it will be an ‘indispensable’ asset for future horror games.

Speaking with the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Morimasa Sato highlighted Tempest 3D Audio as the ‘most impressive’ feature on the PS5.

For a game like Resident Evil Village, where exploration is a key pillar of the gameplay, I would say the 3D audio [is the most impressive PS5 tech feature].

You can already experience a taste of this in the Maiden demo: the footsteps of the castle’s residents as they go up the stairs, or the sounds of ‘something’ moving in the dark cellar… The effectiveness of the 3D audio in creating a convincing audio space has exceeded my expectations. In horror, creating the sense of a presence beyond the visual scene on screen is essential, so I think 3D audio will be indispensable in horror games from now on.

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Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release on May 7 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The game will also utilise Performance and Graphics modes to allow users to optimise their experience.

[Source – OPM UK via Retbit]