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Respawn Has Fixed A Few Long-Standing Titanfall 2 Issues And It Could Be A Sign Of Bigger Things To Come

Respawn has been known more for Apex Legends than anything else in recent years, but prior to that players knew Respawn from Titanfall and more importantly, Titanfall 2.

The sequel which did make its way to PlayStaion, unlike the original, is the game that is most beloved by fans, and it was the universe which Apex Legends spawned from. Since Apex took off however, it’s looked less and less like Respawn will return to the series.

However, recently those still playing Titanfall 2 on PC have noticed a few fixes to long-standing server and other issues, and fans are starting to think these fixes and updates could be a sign of more things to come.

One of the main updates is the appearance of Apex Legends mascot Nessie, popping up in multiple places in online maps, while it may just be a nod towards something happening in Apex Legends, the more Respawn brings Titanfall into focus, the more potential for a new game in the series grows.

However its worth noting that Titanfall fans shouting for a Titanfall 3 commonly appear just as desperate as Bloodborne fans shouting for a sequel, or at least a remaster.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source – [GamesRadar]