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Respawn Takes Full Advantage Of The DualSense In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor So You Can Feel The Force Flow Through Your Fingers

The PS5 is the arguably the only console among the ‘big three’ manufactures that can give players the most immersive experience with nothing else but a controller, and that’s all thanks to the DualSense.

Even though there was concern we wouldn’t see developers take advantage of the controllers new haptics and adaptive triggers, that thankfully hasn’t been the case, with Respawn being the latest team to use these features to their fullest potential with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Speaking about the way in which Respawn has implemented these features, game director Stig Asmussen talked about how the team is “really digging” what the controller brings.

“With the PS5, we’re really digging the haptics and what the controller is bringing, and it’s been a lot of fun to see how that works with push and pull.

And [on] a [DualSense] controller, it feels really good, and we’re taking advantage of that. You’re going to feel it on the triggers when you’re doing push and pull.

If you really [push] on the triggers, it’s going to give a different response. Compared to if you’re lightly feathering them, and the game is going to react to that.

It’s the nuance within the vibrations on the controller that is pretty outstanding.

Our audio team and our combat team is really dialed into how the things that are happening in the world, the effects, and everything that are like translating to how it feels in your hands.”

Source – [PlayStation Blog]