Rez Infinite PS4 Pro support confirmed, will feature 4K visuals and frame rate boost

Rez Infinite will support PlayStation 4 Pro and will benefit from a noticeable visual boost when hooked up to PlayStation VR using Sony’s high-end machine, developer Enhance Games has confirmed.

While the game will work fine with the standard PS4 mode, gamers can enjoy enhanced visuals and an increased frame rate of 60fps when playing through locations from the original version of the game. 

It also seems that the new Area X mode will support various PS4 Pro benefits, although right now Enhance Games has not gone into anymore details on this subject. Rez Infinite does not, however, support HDR lighting, although the studio has said it will consider implementing the feature if there is sufficient demand for it.

Rez Infinite is scheduled for release on October 13, 2016, the same day that PSVR is released. 


PS4 Pro release date set for winter 2016

PS4 Pro was announced during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York City a few weeks back, where the format holder confirmed a release date of November 10 for the new console. The PS4 Pro will carry a RRP of $399/£349. Sony has also rolled out a free update for regular PS4 owners, allowing for HDR compatibility for select games. 

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PS4 Pro specs weigh in at roughly double that of regular PS4

While Sony has said that the PS4 Pro is not aimed to start a new console generation, the system does pack more horsepower under the hood than the standard mode. Specifically, Guerrilla Games, the developer behind the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, has said the new console is about twice as powerful as the bog-standard PS4.