Rockstar says GTA V multiplayer will redefine open-world games

Rockstar has teased that Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer component will redefine open-world games much like GTA III did for the single-player portion of the genre back in 2001.

The company has remained tight-lipped on the crime sequel’s multiplayer offering since the game’s unveiling last October, though it’s clear that Rockstar has high ambitions for GTA V’s online component.

“For GTA V we want to push all of these to a new level while incorporating new gameplay elements that would not have been possible before,” Leslie Benzies told IGN.

“The ability to switch between different characters allows the player to do things that wouldn’t have been possible in any other GTA game, and on the multiplayer side we hope that GTA V will do for multiplayer open world games what GTA 3 did for open world single-player games.”

Pressed for more info, Benzies would only say that the company is committed to refining open world multiplayer, and that it hopes to share more info soon.

“That’s what we’re working on, but we’re not ready to talk about it just yet. Refining open world multiplayer into something really special has been a huge focus of development and we are very excited to share more information with people soon.”

GTA V is due out in Spring 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is the most ambitious open-world title in Rockstar’s history, featuring a game world that is bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined.

It’ll also allow players to hop between three different characters, which effectively allows gamers to control the protagonist and antagonist of this latest crime-ridden adventure. Expect to do a lot of flying too, as the game’s environments have been designed with aircraft in mind.

Stay tuned for more information as we get it.