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Rogue Sun Deep Dives On Tin Hearts Coming To PlayStation VR2, Demo Arriving In November

The Lemmings-style puzzler Tin Hearts will be coming to VR, more specifically PS VR2, and though we don’t have a release date for that, we now know that players will be able to try out a demo of it November 2, 2023.

Announced as part of a rapid-fire set of announcements for PlayStation VR2 games coming in the near future, Tin Hearts originally launched earlier this year on PS5, and the VR update will be free for those who already own the base game.

As part of the announcement of the demo, developer Rogue Sun showcased a new trailer that you can check out below.

The demo will take players through six of the levels that can be found within Tin Hearts, that showcases a bit of how the gameplay shifts from the Tin Hearts players have been loving since April, and the one they’ll get playing on PS VR2.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]