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Rumor – Grand Theft Auto 6 Setting Based On Miami, Will Include Female Playable Character

Rockstar‘s Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in a location based on Miami and may also include a female protagonist, according to a report on Bloomberg.

GTA 6 reportedly started development around 2014, just one year after Grand Theft Auto 5 was originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360, and is still “at least two years away.” This ties in with previous comments that GTA 6 won’t see the light of day until around 2024/2025.

Early designs called for the inclusion of territories modelled after large swaths of North and South America. The company reeled in those ambitions and cut the main map down to a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding areas.

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According to the Bloomberg report, the female character is Latina and will be one of a pair of main characters in the story, which is influenced by bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. Furthermore, the single-player map will reportedly be updated over time, dishing out “new missions and cities on a regular basis, which the leadership hopes will lead to less crunch during the game’s final months.”

Elsewhere, it’s claimed that the game will include more interior locations than previous entries in the long-running franchise, which has impacted development time.

Earlier this month, Rockstar Games announced it was putting all its resources into GTA 6, and as such would not be releasing any further major updates for Red Dead Online.

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