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Rumor – Horizon MMORPG Is In Development At NCSoft

Sony has reported teamed up with NCSoft to work on an MMORPG based on the multi-million selling Horizon franchise.

That’s according to MTN, which reveals that the Horizon MMORPG is being worked on by the same studio behind Lineage and Guild Wars, both of which are MMOs. The project is said to be part of Sony’s growing commitment to delivering live service titles.

NCSoft is currently recruiting staff for the Horizon MMORPG, which is known as Project H in job advertisements.

However, the company’s global communication office didn’t have much to share, with at translation provided by VGC reading: “It is difficult to confirm information about unpublished projects that are currently under development.

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We’ve already heard that Guerrilla Games is reportedly working on a Horizon multiplayer title for PS5 and PC, so this latest development regarding NCSoft could very well be that title.

Previously, VGC claimed that co-op was planned for Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, but instead was passed off in order to bring it to a spinoff game or Horizon 3. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Sony is planning an Horizon Zero Dawn remaster for the PS5.

Horizon Forbidden West was released for PS4 & PS5 in February 2022.

[Source – VGC]