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Rumor – PS5 To Support Some AMD RDNA 3 Features, Alongside AMD RDNA 2 Features

Another day, another PlayStation 5 hardware rumor. Industry insider Tidux has once again dropped another hardware tidbit on Twitter. In a short and concise sweet Tidux states that the PS5 will not only support all of AMD’s RDNA 2 features but also some RDNA 3 features and even some features exclusive to the PS5. It is certainly exciting if it is true.

What is RDNA you say? Well, RDNA is Radion DNA, it is a codename for GPU microarchitecture and its accompanying instruction set. RDNA features have been touted for a while for both next-generation consoles but up until now, it was only thought that the PS5 had features from RDNA 2.

One of the biggest features of RDNA 2 is VRS. VRS stands for Variable Rate Shading. It is a feature that increases rendering performance and quality by varying the shading rate for different regions of the frame. Basically, if you have a 4K resolution game, there are parts of the visuals that don’t need to be 4K – like motion-blurred track detail and stuff like that, so VRS works out what doesn’t need to be 4K and lowers the resolution to free up GPU power for other stuff.

It all certainly sounds good and if used correctly, especially combined with other PS5 efficiency features, could free up valuable power for other game-related items like AI, rendering or texture loading.

RDNA 3 is a long way off the PC market yet and not much is known about its exact feature set or what improvements it will offer. You can expect it to be faster and more efficient and that is certainly good news all-round for gamers. Let’s hope Sony touch more on the subject when the PS5 is finally shown and talked about in detail.

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Let’s be honest, any new technology or anything that makes the PlayStation 5 run better or more efficiently is good news. Most of these features will not mean a lot to most people but they will give the developers a lot more options when developing PlayStation 5 titles. We all want better games right? This news, rumor or not, will eventually lead to better, more refined game worlds.

What do you think of the news? Fact or fiction? You decide. Let us know your throughs in the comments below.