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Rumor – Resident Evil 8 To Support PSVR


A new rumor suggests that the recently leaked Resident Evil 8 will feature PSVR support like its predecessor.

This latest bit of information about the project comes from Gematsu, who in an article about the supposed Resident Evil 4 Remake, added a little statement at the bottom about Resident Evil 8’s PSVR support.

Gematsu also heard from one source familiar with ongoings at Capcom about the development of a Resident Evil 4 remake at M-Two and a first-person Resident Evil 8 due out in 2021, as well as that Resident Evil 8 will feature PlayStation VR support like its predecessor.

Resident Evil 8 is rumoured to feature the return of both Chris Redfield and Ethan from Resident Evil 7. It is set in a European village and feature a new Stalker, which is a witch that turns into insects once defeated. You can read more about the recent leaks here.

Resident Evil 8 is reportedly set to release next year.

Source – [Gematsu]