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Rumor – SackBoy: A Big Adventure Looks Set To Come To PC

SackBoy: A Big Adventure, the excellent PS5 & PS4 platformer developed by Sumo Digital, could be heading to the PC via Steam, according to a listing on the Steam database.

The database logged a new product by the codename of Steel PC, although it also references something called Marmalade Content.

While this may seem completely underrated to SackBoy: A Big Adventure, the Nvidia GeForce Now leak back in September also contained that name, which was later revealed to be Sumo Digital’s platformer. It should be noted that this is not an official confirmation of the game coming to PC, but usually SteamDB listings are pretty accurate when it comes to this sort of thing.

However, in regards to the Nvidia listing, it’s worth remembering that the company has dismissed a lot of the leaks, which included a number of unannounced tiles such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, BioShock RTX Remaster, Half-Life 2 Remastered, and Crysis 4.

SackBoy: A Big Adventure was released for PS4 and PS5 in November 2020, where the game served as a launch title for Sony’s new home console. Read our full review here.

[Source – VGC]