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Rumor – Sony To Acquire New Studios According To Job Listing

Rumor - Sony To Acquire New Studios According To Job Listing

As Microsoft has spent the last twelve months adding eight new studios to their first party lineup, Sony has been sat on the sidelines watching. Well, it looks like Sony will be following in Microsoft’s footsteps and acquiring more studios in the coming months if a new job listing is to be believed.

That job listing states the following:

Sony PlayStation is looking for an M&A Program Manager with 2-3 years’ of relevant corporate experience for a 6-9 month contract position. The M&A Program Manager will support the company in the due diligence process and put together project timelines to ensure that all acquisition integration activities are on track.

The phrase “acquisition integration activities” makes it sound like Sony is looking at buying some new studios in the coming months and they need someone to help with integrating them into PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios ecosystem.

But, who will it be? People have long thought that Sony should acquire Housemarque, the developer of the fantastic Resogun and the upcoming Stormdivers. It is hard to think of anyone else that Sony has had a long-standing relationship with. Who do you think will be acquired?

This news comes during E3 2019. You can watch all of the livestreams, as well as every conference at E3 2019 on our E3 2019 Livestream page.

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If we hear any more on this subject we will update this article.

What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think Sony will acquire?

Source – [Boards.Greenhouse.IO via Reddit]


    I personally think Sony will acquire Insomniac, Ready at Dawn, and/or Super Massive. I hope it all goes well!

    • cloudzn

      They need to, before ms buys out all the independent studios

      • Albert Belle

        Yeah that isn’t going to happen. Microsoft can’t just buy every independent studio especially when some of them would prefer to remain independent plus you have to think about the cost.

        • cloudzn

          Look at how many studios Microsoft has bought in the past year alone, they have the money

          • Albert Belle

            Four at most. You are acting as if it is hundreds of them or something. These aren’t expensive high profile studios. Plus Microsoft is a business. They don’t have infinite amounts of money to buy out all the independent studioses. Not to mention just because they buy a studio doesn’t automatically mean they will be a good fit for Microsoft or make nothing but great games for them. THey brought Rare and turned them from one of the greatest develor into one of the worst. Sony , even without buying any studios, have some of the best developers in the business on their side.And now we find out they are about to add more of them.

          • cloudzn

            Actually Microsoft has bought 11 game studios in the past year, Microsoft has also access to larger finances then Sony. And Phil Spencer is not Don Matrick. He knows how to manage a game studio properly. Btw have you even looked at the studios they bought. They are all AAA Quality studios

          • Albert Belle

            You are just doing like everyone always does. counting your chickens before they are hatched. Every generation people say ‘Microsoft will do this and that and will beat this person and that person and will have amazing games made by this person and that person. And up to this day theyhave never been ahead of either Nintendo or Sony. Remember when people said by buying Rare they would have a HUGE advantage? Or the times everyone said the Xbox One would CRUSH all the competition? Or how the Xbox doesn’t NEED exclusives? Or that Microsoft is more known for closing down studioes than uplifting them? And if Microsoft has such huge finances why don’t they just buy off the huge game developers? Come on man let’s not do the ‘Microsoft is doing everything right and Sony better do something before they get beaten’ thing that people say every generation. They brought the studioes. That doesn’t mean they wil thrive or grow under them.

          • cloudzn

            Like I said previously Phil Spencer knows how to manage studios, and time will only tell , given that most AAA games take 4-5 years development time now. We will see in a few years

  • GFG

    Housemarque is a no brainer and Ready at Dawn is long overdue. They’ve been making some great games VR games for the Oculus so getting them back in with the Playstation brand would be huge! Sony should be looking to acquire around 3 studios.

  • Albert Belle

    I know it is improbable and wishful thinking. But if it would give Sony a huge boost if they could obtain Atlus somehow. I would love for those games to be Sony exclusives.

    • Doru

      atlus is owned by Sega unfortunately

  • Zodiac909

    “It is hard to think of anyone else that Sony has had a long-standing relationship with. ”
    Insomniac games??? Hideo Kojima??? They both been working together for almost 20 years.