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Rumor – The Marathon Series Is Being Revived By Bungie As Squad Extraction-Based Shooter

Insider-Gaming is reporting that Bungie has plans to resurrect the Marathon series as a three-man squad shooter, with the project currently in its pre-Alpha stage.

According to the report, Marathon is set on a planet that was home to a human colony, although they later vanished mysteriously and now humans use customisable cyborgs known as Runners to obtain loot.

Marathon’s basic gameplay loop sees players choosing a mission before purchasing and selecting your loadout and dropping into a map. You then go on the hunt for precious loot and conquer missions before exfiltrating the area. However, if you die you’ll loose all your loot.

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Bungie is reportedly intending to make the game the “ultimate example of a living game,” with seasonal rewards and progression forming a core part of the experience. It’s also worth pointing out that Marathon will be the first game that Bungie has developed in about a decade that isn’t relate to Destiny.

We already know that Bungie intends on having a non-Destiny title released no later than 2025, so there’s a strong chance Marathon could be one of those games. The original title released in 1994, and spawned two sequels over the next couple of years.

Bungie was acquired by Sony earlier this year and now forms part of PlayStation Studios, although it will still release multiplatform titles going forward.

[Source – Insider-Gaming]