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Rumour – Final Fantasy X Remake In The Works, Will Reportedly Launch In 2026 For The Game’s 25th Anniversary

No content with apparently remaking Final Fantasy IX, Square Enix is also working on a Final Fantasy X Remake, according to ResetEra insider ImAHeroToo. Needless to say, you had better take this one with a healthy dose of salt!

According to their post, the Final Fantasy X Remake will be released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original game, which would put it out around 2026. It should be noted, however, that ImAHeroToo has since not only deleted their message, but their account too.

Moderators on ResetEra claim that the individual has worked in the games industry and at one point had a job with SEGA, where they were reportedly treated badly. As such, if they still work in the industry, this could be why they have decide to remove their account.

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Usually this sort of thing wouldn’t be entertained, but ImAHeroToo has proven accurate in the past having outed the Persona 3 Remake, which Atlus prematurely confirmed on their Instagram account ahead of schedule. As such, they may be on the money with the FFX Remake, but only time will tell.

Final Fantasy X was originally released in Japan in 2001 for the PS2 and launched in the US and UK the following year.

[Source – ResetEra via PSLS]