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Rumour – Resident Evil 9 Possibly Delayed Internally, But Another RE Game Could Launch Before It Instead

Capcom may have delayed Resident Evil 9 internally but is set to announce another entry in the series to launch in its place, according to noted insider, Dusk Golem.

A screenshot of a post on Discord by the Resident Evil tipster, who has a long track record of generally accurate leaks on the series, read as follows:

At this very second, I have no frame of reference of when RE9 is being announced. Could be this summer, could be later, the me of right now does not know specific. I know a couple of years ago that the goal was to reveal the game this year and aim for a 2025 release, but I’ve been hearing murmurs the last few months that RE9 might’ve been internally delayed some for one reason or another.

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Dusk Golem goes on to say that Capcom may instead announce and release a new Resident Evil game while we wait for RE9, although the identify of the project wasn’t revealed. However, the tipster said that the title that may be pushed forward is “pretty funny and would catch a lot of people off guard.”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Resident Evil 9 from Dusk Golem over the past few years. Back in November, he said that the game boasts by far the largest budget of any Resident Evil game to date, and as he mentioned above, had previously claimed that RE9 was expected to be revealed this year for a 2025 launch.

Finally, Dusk Golem claimed back in February that Capcom gave the green light to multiple Resident Evil games last year, some of which are remakes.

Capcom announced a few months back that it is working on more Resident Evil remakes, which many believe is a full revamp of Resident Evil 5. With the series celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2026, there’s also speculation that it could remake the original Resident Evil in the same style as the recent titles, although nothing official has been confirmed yet.

[Source – Dusk Golem on Discord]