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Rust Console Edition Update 1.41 Rolls Out With New Fishing Village Variant, Crash Fixes, And Weapon Changes

Double Eleven has lifted the wraps off the Rust Console Edition update 1.41 patch notes, which brings a number of fixes and changes, including ironing out some crash bugs, adding a new fishing village variant, and more.

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-Added another variant of the Fishing Village. (This new variant will be available in some of the servers, after the monthly wipe)
-Adjusted the amount of scrap you get in return for fish at the vending machines in the Fishing Village.
-Refreshed the Stack Splitting UI. Stacks are now colour coded, the number of items in each stack updates dynamically, and stacks can be split between the inventory and an open container that accepts items.
-Stack Splitting will no longer be cancelled when players have Too Hot or Too Cold effects, when an inventory item finishes crafting, or when taking damage.
-Adjusted the default hotbar cycle mode to ‘Full Cycle Mode’.
-Kayak now sits a little higher in the water.


-Compound Bow removed as a default blueprint and added to the Workbench 1 tech tree.
-Increased the amount of Metal Fragments needed to craft the Compound Bow from 25 to 75.-
-Grenades can now be stuck to building blocks by using the alternate throw button.
-Reduced the crafting time for Rocket Launcher from 180 seconds to 60 on Workbench 2, and from 90 to 30 on Workbench 3.
-Reduced the crafting time for Custom SMG from 40 seconds to 30 on Workbench 2, and from 20 to 15 on Workbench 3.


-Reduced health points of Workbench 2 from 750 to 500, and Workbench 3 from 1000 to 750.
-Jackhammer can now be refilled at any Workbench.
-Dropped cooked fish can now be eaten directly from the ground.


-Fixed a crash caused by entering specific characters into a Note.
-Fixed a very common threading crash.
-Fixed various server crashes that caused unplanned restarts.
-Fixed a bug causing the game to hang every so often.
-Fixed a crash caused by coming into the range of a Recycler’s audio.
-Fixed some server memory leaks caused by world items.

On top of all the changes, patch 1.41 also brings a good amount of bug fixes to the game! Here’s the list:


-Fixed a bug that allowed dead players to loot.
-Fixed items not getting automatically equipped when placed into an empty slot on the hotbar.
-Fixed a bug where players could get a screen shake effect when they aren’t receiving damage.


-Fixed collision and texture issues on the Kayak.
-Fixed texture issues on the new Rowboat model and on the RHIB.
-Rowboat and RHIB no longer decay while they’re in use.


-Stopped players being able to turn off the Oil Refinery at various monuments while another player is using it.
-Cranes at the Harbour can now be climbed using the attached ladders.
-Boats can be purchased from the Fishing Village every 5 minutes. If the previously purchased boat has not been r-removed from the spawn area in that time, it will despawn to make room for the next one.
-Fixed texture issues at several monuments: Dome, Harbor, Oxum’s Gas Station, Bandit Camp, Airfield, Lighthouse, -Trainyard, Launch Site, Satellite Dish, Fishing Village, Oil Rig.
-Fixed the highlight area of the container at the Pumpjack.
-Fixed a spot where players could get stuck at the Launch Site and the Lighthouse.
-Fixed being unable to reach the refinery at the Launch Site when slow walking.
-Fixed a spot at the Lighthouse where dropped items could disappear through the ground.


-Fixed texture issues on the M39 Rifle.


-Pumpkins can no longer be duplicated.
-Wood storage boxes can now be placed under a Workbench 2.
-Clothing items dropped on the ground can now be worn instantly without needing to be picked up first.
-Fixed a bug that could cause vending machines to become unusable after server restarts.
-Holosight weapon attachment is easier to see when looking at snow.
-Survival Fish Trap can now also catch Anchovy, Herring, and Sardine.
-Fixed the appearance of scrap dropped on the ground.
-Halved the crafting time for several items: Stone Hatchet, Pickaxe, Sheet Metal Double Door, Armored Double Door, Wooden Ladder, Hide Poncho.
-The Small Oil Refinery can now be placed on icebergs.
-Fixed texture issues on the Searchlight.


-Fixed resource nodes in snowy biomes having a lower texture compared to nodes in other biomes.
-Fixed highlight area of corn plants.


-Fixed appearance of the Fishing Controls gametip.
-Improvements to the Stack Splitting UI.