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Rust Console Edition Update 1.56 Patch Notes Revealed For Gameplay, Monuments Bug Fixes

The Rust Console Edition update 1.56 patch notes have been blown wide open by developer Double Eleven today, confirming yet another round of bug fixes for gameplay, monuments and more. Read up on the latest Rust patch notes below.

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  • Partial fix for invalid projectiles.
  • Improved Junkile Scientist AI behaviour so their aggro rate and range is more comparable to Steam release.
  • Fixed an issue causing Junkpile scientists to spawn in Safe Zones.
  • Fixed despawn rates for Junkpiles so players can loot them after Scientists die.
  • Fixed an issue stopping the Scientists aim animation to play when shooting.
  • Fixed an issue stopping the Scientists crouch animation from being played.
  • Fixed a bug with Scientists so they now turn on their flashlights after switching to their weapon at night.
  • Reduced intensity of red light seen on Scientist weapons.
  • Fixed Supply Signals disappearing when using the alternate throw action.
  • Fixed a bug causing Pumpkins to duplicate when splitting stacks in the Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug with Triangle Floor collision that interfered with base building.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from swapping a weapon’s attachments while your inventory/hotbar is full.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to loot dead bodies through walls.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented stackable items from containers not merging with inventory items when there are no free slots in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resource nodes from sparkling at night when a light is shone on them.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use the sleeping bag assignment to find a players base, this now includes all online players.


  • Added collision to the Engine Block at the Trainyard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Oil Rig and Cargo Ship scientists to float above the ocean.
  • Added missing collision to Spotlight in Sewer monument puzzle.
  • Fixed Heavy Scientists idling at the top of the Helipad at the Oil Rig monument.
  • Fixed Scientist patrol path on the Oil Rig so they don’t get stuck at the smokestack.
  • Fixed a bug with a container in the Quarries that would accept items but show them as invisible or as a Burlap Shirt.
  • Fixed a walkway in the Dome where players were getting stuck.


  • Fixed various cases of the Loud audio pop when using the rowboat/rhib causing all sounds to disappear.
  • Fixed in-game music issues with the volume option not working correctly.
  • Added a missing reload sound when firing the Pump Shotgun.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented ‘Give’ button from working correctly when trading with a Metal Shopfront if one side was full.
  • Fixed issues with Ping settings on the HUD options menu. Added in localisations for text description and setting the Defaults will now update the Ping settings.
  • Fixed issues with the ‘Take All’ button so it works even if the hotbar is full and takes all items rather than just a portion or nothing at all.
  • Fixed display name of Scientist names on the Death Screen UI.
  • Fixed an exploit for Code Locks which allowed people to guess codes.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the pickup prompt to show when a container has items.
  • Fixed alignment issues in the Locker UI buttons to prevent overlap in some languages.
  • Fixed broken Gestures and Crafting radial menus.
  • Fixed issues with the ‘Take All’ button so it works even if the hotbar is full and takes all items rather than just a portion or nothing at all.
  • Changed display for upkeep time of High Quality Metal so it’s consistent between the Tool Cupboard and HUD.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Vending Machine icon to persist on the map when broadcasting is turned off.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting an empty category in a Vending Machine.
  • Fixed a bug in the Skin Store and Locker RC purchase screen that meant the balance would only update after restarting the game.