SCEE to replace London riot victim’s PSP

Ashraf Haziq, the young man who had his PlayStation Portable stolen by thugs during the London riots earlier this week, is to have his handheld replaced by Sony, it has been confirmed.

Haziq, who suffered a broken jaw in the chaos that swept the nation’s capital Monday night, was filmed being supposedly helped to his feet by youths only to have his PSP taken from his backpack in the process.

However, speaking on a website established to ‘do something nice’ for the 20 year-old victim, Alan Duncan, marketing director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), said the firm would “like to give Ashraf a new PSP and games.”

Duncan then requested to be put in touch with the youngster or the hospital in which he is being treated. A response was later made to Duncan, confirming his details would be forthcoming.

A representative for SCE UK later added: “If we can find out how to get it to him we’ll replace the PSP.”

Namco Bandai also confirmed to VG247 that the company intends on sending Haziq a bundle of games in support of SCEE’s offer.