Seabass: "We thought about delaying PES 2008"

The man behind the Pro Evolution Soccer series, Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka has admitted that PES2008 wasn’t up to the standards they hoped when it was released.

The game, plagued by problems ranging from lag to missing features, was released on time back in October, but Konami have since provoked rumours that a patch may be released to counter the game’s problems, as previously reported on PSU.

But in an interview with PSM3 Magazine, Seabass admitted: "We never wanted to release PES 2008 in this state on PS3.

"In fact, we thought about delaying it but different factors meant we had to [release it]."

Although Seabass didn’t elaborate on these factors, it may have been related to the success of fierce rival series FIFA, and the further potential loss in sales to EA Sports’ popular game had the game been delayed.

"It’s so far away from what we wanted. As a developer, we’ve worked the same way since the days of SNES. We’re simply not set up for multi-platform development."

And despite the fact that the next-gen version of PES has been in development for 2008, the pressures of developing for the PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 and PC seems to have taken its toll.

The game arrived with huge anticipation, and it could be that the disappointment was simply down to the sheer expectation stirred up by gamers. Moving on, however, Seabass was optimistic for future next-gen versions of the game.

"Look at the way the PS2 version panned out from the first to the last game. We’re well on course to follow suit on PS3."

Fans are expecting a huge improvement for PES 2009, but despite Seabass showing some signs of optimism, he was cautious not to increase the expectations of the series’ loyal band of followers.

"PES 2009 is in development, but after hearing the criticism, we’ll be taking it back to the drawing board. It might not be next year, but it will be soon”, he said.

Source: PSM3 Magazine