See your face in glorious HD in RSV2

Ever wanted to literally be in a video game? Character customization has gotten us halfway there, with deeper and deeper systems arriving in many games now on the market. It’s rare though that your true facial features are able to be accurately expressed via these systems. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 seeks to one-up the competition.

In RSV2, you can literally put your face in the game. With a profile picture and a head-on shot (taken with either a PS Eye or digital camera) “Vegas 2 will create an in-game model that looks just like you and can be used in both solo and multiplayer games.”

We’re hoping this feature pans out better than the option that came with the original RSV on Xbox 360. The end result generated from the XBL Vision Camera pictures usually came out looking nothing like the player. We do assume however that Ubisoft has learned from their mistakes and improved the technology for this second installment, otherwise we speculate that they wouldn’t include this feature at all. We’ll have more for you on RSV2 soon.