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Sega Classic C-Smash VRS Comes To PSVR2 This March

A SEGA classic from the arcade and Dreamcast has been entirely re-worked for VR, as C-Smash VRS will come to PlayStation VR2 on March 23, 2023.

The news was announced with a trailer and a new post on the PlayStation Blog, though now that this announcement has been made we can see that SEGA had been teasing this since January.

Cosmic Smash, or C-Smash originally released in 2001, first in arcades in Europe and Japan, and then on Dreamcast, though that would only be in Japan. This will be its first global release ever.

“Set in refreshingly minimalist spaces brought to life by music and graphic design, the game was a unique blend of sports and puzzle action. Think low-gravity squash meets block breaker. A real trip to the edge of space and time.” writes game director Jörg Tittel, of Wolf & Wood Studio, when talking about the original.

Wolf & Wood is the developer working in collaboration with SEGA to make this revived version of C-Smash. One of the most exciting things however this time around, is the inclusion of online play.

“VRS stands for VR and Versus,” Tittel says, as players will be able to put their virtual-reality squash skills to the test.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself, here.

A demo will also be available when it launches, so those equipped with a PS VR2 can give this newly formed classic a go before buying.

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