Sega confirms Space Channel 5: Part Two, Sega Bass Fishing for PSN/XBL

SEGA has confirmed that classic Dreamcast duo Space Channel 5: Part Two and Sega Bass Fishing will be making the transition to PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade in spring 2011.

As expected, both games will be “remastered” from their previous incarnation for a digital re-release, though the company didn’t go in to any further details as to what we can expect from the updates.

Space Channel 5: Part Two hit SEGA’s ill-fated white box in Japan back in 2002, and has players hopping in to the shoes of reported Ulala to take on “the Rhythm Rogues—a group of villains led by the mysterious Purge and his right-hand man.”

Meanwhile, the self-explanatory Sega Bass Fishing originally launched on Dreamcast back in 1999 and utilized the Sega Fishing Controller for a more realistic gameplay experience. Fortunately, it’s also compatible with a regular pad too.

More on both games as it breaks.