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Sekai Project bringing Japanese games and visual novels to PlayStation 4 and Vita

Sekai Project, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in localizing and publishing Japanese indie games and visual novels, is bringing its portfolio of games to the PlayStation 4 and Vita and is partnering with Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games to do so.

Before, the games handled by Sekai, which includes Clannad, Rabi-Ribi, and the Nekopara series, were only released on PC, via Steam. Mighty Rabbit Studios will help with porting titles to the PS4 and PS Vita.

Meanwhile, Mighty Rabbit’s subsidary Limited Run Games will publish physical copies of the ports in, as the name suggests, limited quantities sold only on its online store.

At my brief meeting with Sekai Project project manager Samuel Munson and PR manager David Bruno, they expressed the company’s excitement in finally being able to bring some of their titles to console. In particular, they are well aware of the large number of fans (myself included) who desire playing visuals novels on PS Vita.

The first two games from Sekai coming to PS4 and PS Vita are the Taiwanese Metroidvania platformer Rabi-Ribi and the Japanese visual novel Fault Milestone One.

Which games out of Sekai Project’s library do you want to see on PlayStation? Let us know in the comments!