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Sexy Has No Place In The Zombie Apocalypse – How Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Ladies Have Evolved

resident evil 2 remake ada wong

The new Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2018 has given us our first look at Ada Wong. And, she looks a look different to the way you’ll remember her.

Gone is the dominatrix look from the original. The short, tight red dress that showed off her figure. The high heels and bright red lipstick. All gone – this is the brand-new look of Ada Wong.

resident evil 2 remake ada wong

With a scarf hiding her neckline, a long cream trench-coat and a pair of sunglasses, she looks miles apart from her original debut in Resident Evil 2.

resident evil 2 remake ada wong original dress
Credit to Deviant Art.

Maybe, they’ll be a point in the game where she whips off the trench-coat to reveal a short little number, but we doubt it. We get the feeling we won’t be partaking in any pantie-revealing missions like the original scene below.

Capcom has previously commented about the change to Ada Wong. Representing Eurogamer at Gamescom, Aoife Wilson said that the red dress was unrealistic. “I think wandering around in that dress just getting on with your job as a spy probably doesn’t look as realistic and believable as we want in this new game,” she said.

However, you could also argue that a long trench-coat with most of the buttons done up – despite being the stereotypical spy wear – isn’t ideal either. Surely, she could get the tails snagged on a fence or not be able to raise her knees up high enough while running away from a pack of rabid zombies?

Claire Redfield has faced the same fate in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Though her tight jeans and tight-fitting, red leather jacket (with a few buttons undone to reveal her neckline) are certainly showing off more flesh than Ada Wong, her arms are now covered up with a long-sleeved jacket. The hot pants have also been ditched in favor of something more practical.

Here’s the original Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2.

claire redfield
Image credit – Deviant Art.

And, here’s the new Claire Redfield, standing back to back with Leon.

claire redfield resident evil 2 remake

Right now, we’re smack bang in an era where the sexualisation of women is being toned down. We’re seeing it across the board. In the latest game in the Dead or Alive series, for example, female character sexualisation has been adapted for more stylish designs. We’re seeing stronger female lead characters breakthrough like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and female characters are becoming better known for their actions and personality rather than their sexuality.

Love it or hate it: the days of having over-sexualised costume designs of videogame heroines is over. What do you think of the new designs?

Check out the new Resident Evil 2 remake story trailer.

  • Boudi18

    what an utterly moronic article. does this site hire complete [email protected] to write for them??

    • iHeartJames

      So its a moronic article because he or she is pointing out that female gaming characters actions and personality are becoming forefront and not how they’re dressed for the male gaze. how exactly is that moronic again?

      • kurdishcurse

        Its moronic because pathetic ppl like you and the writter are too idiotic to realize theres nothing wrong with beauty, and the simple, laughable fact that there will be sexy unlockables after finishing the game :). Just like pretty much all capcom games. Also, clair and ada wore nothing sexy in the og games at first. Also, you and the writter are factually wrong kid ;). This is aftually the densest time of game women dressed up “for the male gaze”. If you cant steam there are much more sexy dresses than the past could dream of, its just insecure beta malrs like yourselves cant cant handle the fact that sexy sells in all mediums, and theres nothing all of you snowflakes can do about it. Theres nothing wrong with a sexy dressed woman thats written well and vice versa. Now get back to your bubble sweaty, the writter has some reality checks to think about.

        • bigevilworldwide

          What you’ve just typed in your wall of text is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have
          ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you
          even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
          Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award
          you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…
          Now get back to your incel class now clown…So you can all talk about how dumb women are for daring not to touch you, how ungrateful they are for not buying into your garbage trash faux alpha male shtick, and what drawing you hammered your little pecker to last night…

          • Boudi18

            I bet you go around calling other guys “incels” . it’s the new and cool insult eh? hey i guess if you suck up hard enough to feminists some slut might let you sniff her panties. OR maybe you can realize that the writer of this article like all other SJW is a moron. We are not starting to see strong female characters NOW, Lara Croft was a freaking badass DECADES ago, she was known for her sexiness AND actions. Samus Aran was a strong female long before the SJW fad began. Lightning was a strong female character and the main character of a final fantasy game back in 2010. Sarah Connor was a BADASS woman starring in the Terminator decades ago.We have ALWAYS had strong females that were more than eye candy, but now we have the feminists and SJW whining and crying.

      • Boudi18

        did you see Lady and TRISH in DMC5? they still look sexy don’t they? nothing has changed, some females will be sexy some not, and being sexy does not mean they are just there for the males to gaze on, that’s why I hate people like you and the author of this article. Totally illogical.

      • markzzbr

        Yeah, everyone masturbated to Lara Croft instead of playing her games. Every fucking guy.

        Keep trying, child!

        • Rick Eckert

          cows are just jealous

      • AndroidVageta

        Yeah because Ada was so weak and feeble before huh? Claire was nothing but eye candy so she had to be made less attractive and thin. Your comment makes ZERO sense.

  • Mila

    What’s wrong with female videogames character looking like videogames characters :
    this article is purposely made to give Capcom a free pass on the direction they take on characters look

    • AndroidVageta

      Notice how Leon looks similar but Claire had to be made with a rounder fatter face that isn’t as pretty. What was wrong with Claire before? What’s that say about women that look like her?

  • Fonz

    If we can change the outfits, which most likely we’ll be able to after finishing, the change doesn’t really matter. I hope in the future more developers utilize giving players more custom options. My GTA story characters don’t dress like the ads or other players. I think the new TR does a nice job of allowing many outfits to wear as you’re playing the game. I just wish they included the old outfit with new model. A pixeled Lara is cool an all, but interested in seeing new Lara in old attire.

    • AndroidVageta

      I think it matters. Let us play the game the first time with how she’s supposed to look…have options to change outfits later.

  • markzzbr

    “Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Ladies: Sexy Has No Place In The Zombie Apocalypse”

    It never had, sweetheart.


  • Ultima IX

    “Love it or hate it: the days of having over-sexualised costume designs of videogame heroines is over.”
    -Pretty much every god damn Resident Evil game gave you different outfits to wear; nurse, bikini, schoolgirl, etc
    -Senran Kagura series
    -Gal Gun series
    -Yakuza 0 has unlockable content for softcore porn and nearly naked ladies playing rock paper scissors.
    -Witcher 3
    -Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (and its VR mode)
    -Summer Lession
    -Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Seriously, this writers so fucking retarded.

  • Rich

    Oh yeah? Soul Calibur’s Ivy wants a word with you 😉

  • Greg

    We just got a game where you fondle an underage schoolgirl. “Sexy” isn’t gone, it’s just no longer being placed where it doesn’t belong.

    • AndroidVageta

      It does belong in this game…just as it belonged in the original RE2 as the creators created it. Ada’s look is part of her character and who she is. There was nothing wrong with how she dressed just like there wasn’t anything wrong with how Claire looked before the decided she needed to be less attractive and completely change her look.

      Why does Leon get to look similar?

      • Greg

        “There was nothing wrong with how she dressed”
        Did she even have pockets?