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Shadow Man Remastered Announced For PS4

Shadow Man Remastered

Well, we certainly didn’t expect this. Porting outfit extraordinaire Nightdive Studios has confirmed that it is bringing back 1999 third-person action title Shadow Man in the form of Shadow Man Remastered for PS4 (and probably PS5).

Set to release sometime in 2021, Shadow Man Remastered leverages the same Kex Engine that Nightdive Studios used to port DOOM 64 onto Sony’s current-gen console.

At first glance, Shadow Man Remastered appears to merely up-res the existing assets (lest we forget Shadow Man was originally a PSOne title), rather than create anything new for the game. Still, at the very least fans look to get improved levels of texture detail, 4K resolution, improved lighting, anti-aliasing and a better framerate.

Shadow Man Remastered PS4 1
Though porting outfit Nightdive Studios have kept the original assets intact, improved textures, lighting and framerate have all been added to the game’s PS4 debut. Additionally, a whole bunch of previously cut content will feature in Shadow Man Remastered, too.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Shadow Man Remastered is based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name – Michael LeRoi, who during the time of Jack the Ripper must use his voodoo powers to keep the damned in hell.

Better still, Shadow Man Remastered will also boast a fair amount of content that was cut from the original release. Speaking about Shadow Man Remastered to IGN, CEO at Nightdive Studios, Stephen Kick, had this to say:

“Our goal with the remaster is to give today’s generation of gamers all the features that they expect from a modern title while preserving the qualities that made Valiant’s iconic character and the original Shadow Man game such memorable classics to begin with.”

Did you play Shadow Man when it released all the way back in 1999, and if so, do you have fond enough memories of it that you’re looking forward to Shadow Man Remastered? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN