Shadow of the Tomb Raider leak: Logos and key art surface

shadow of the tomb raider leak

Originally leaked by a bizarre sighting on a subway, it looks as though we have another spate of news related to Shadow of the Tomb Raider despite the fact the game’s yet to be formally announced.

The leak comes via the website of ‘TAKEOFF Creative’, an LA-based marketing studio that exclusively creates promotional material for video games. Not only that but the company has worked with Square Enix – publisher of the latest series of Tomb Raider games – before. 

Though based out of Los Angeles the company has design studios in Montreal, London, and Lyon, and with a past rumor suggesting that Eidos Montreal was handling development of the latest Tomb Raider that lines up pretty nicely.

shadow of the tomb raider leak

As you can see, the spread (found in plain site on their website) covers a number of logo concepts for the game, as well as key art that explores different locales like a pyramid, and a number of weapons Lara might possibly be able to wield, like a machete and a spear.

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As for a formal unveiling, we’d say it’s perhaps most plausible that we’ll see Shadow of the Tomb Raider at The Game Awards this coming December.

Just in case anything surfaces before then, however, don’t forget to check back to PSU for the latest and greatest news in PlayStation.