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Shadow Warrior 3 Update 1.09 Adds Hero Mode, Chapter Select Screen

Flying Wild Hog has booted the Shadow Warrior 3 update 1.09 patch notes in our direction for your viewing pleasure, which comes with a new Hero Mode, a chapter select screen, plus a number of key bug fixes.

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We are really happy with all the feedback that you have been providing in the past few months and we’re also very happy with how well received the “Hardcore” difficulty was. In today’s patch we are once again adding a new difficulty mode called “Hero Mode”- a game modifier that brings a greater challenge. Play with a limited amount of lives and earn them by doing Finishers. Beware however, as when you run out of lives, you lose your progress forever. Completing the mode gives you the new Outlaw weapon skin “Scorch”. Another addition to this patch is the “Chapter Select” screen. You will be able to select and play previously unlocked missions. Oh and before I forget, there is a free “Frostbite” skin for the Basilisk weapon waiting for you in this patch.

Full Patch Notes:

  • New “Hero Mode” – game modifier for a greater challenge.
  • Added “Chapter Select” screen
  • Free “Frostbite” weapon skin for the Basilisk.
  • Added the option to change the size of the subtitles.
  • Fix for sounds becoming distorted when dying during the Grapple Hook tutorial.
  • Fix for a bug where inputs could become blocked when climbing a ledge while charging the Katana at the same time
  • Fix for a bug where inputs could become blocked when performing a Finisher while charging the Katana at the same time.
  • Fix for when the player would fall infinitely when shooting the bell while standing on the platform below it in the “Walking on Eggshells” mission.
  • Fix for a bug where additional ammo was not granted despite having the ammo upgrade unlocked.
  • Community Feedback: Improved magnetism for faster resource orb collection, preventing the player from outrunning it.
  • Fix for the Swarm Launcher projectiles still being present when a player dies and respawns.
  • Fix for a rare bug where the player could be propelled into the air while wall-running.
  • Fix for a bug where changing settings in the Audio menu becomes blocked after the “restore to default” option has been used.
  • Improved collision in various places.
  • Fix for a bug where it was possible to return to gameplay after the Reload, Restart or Exit
  • Level option had been selected.
  • Toned down the screen’s blood vignette.
  • Various art tweaks and fixes.
  • Fix for a bug where the first encounter on “That Damn Dam” would not start after the mission was reloaded.
  • Fix (from community feedback) for a situation where the Player could slide sideways.
  • Fix for a bug where enemies were standing still for some time after being unfrozen.
  • Fix for the “Last Stand” icon staying on screen for too long after activation.
  • Updated – “Last Stand” HUD icon now has graphics to properly show its state.
  • Fix for Finisher orbs respawning when they shouldn’t.
  • Fix (from community feedback) for a weapon mesh being not displayed properly on the ultra-wide monitors].
  • Fix for a bug where the Player could be launched into the air by the elevator in the “Doomsday Device” mission.
  • Fix for a misplaced kill trigger on the raft after the last “Egg Express” arena potentially killing the player.
  • Suicider Shogai no longer explode if they have been frozen.
  • Fix for a bug where too many Gassy Obariyons could appear in the first arena on “The Fast and the Furry” mission.
  • Various performance optimizations.