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Shadow Warrior 3 Will Be Coming To PS5, New Ratings Reveal

Spotted by website Gematsu on Twitter, new ratings made public in Germany reveal that Shadow Warrior 3 will be getting a PS5 version.

This new version will likely come with some PS5-worthy visual upgrades, so every action-packed moment of Shadow Warrior 3 will look even more bloody and intense.

There’s been no confirmation from publisher Devolver Digital at the time of writing, so we don’t know exactly what this new version will entail.

But what we can at least hope for is that Devolver will make it a free upgrade to the PS5 version for those who already own Shadow Warrior 3, something always appreciated by fans.

With these ratings just appearing in Germany, it would be possible to hear more about the update sometime soon.

Shadow Warrior 3 launched earlier this spring, and this past summer recieved an update adding a new game plus mode.

PSU gave it a 7/10 at launch, calling it the kind of FPS that “knows exactly what it is.”

Source – [Gematsu]