Shenmue 3 character models slated by fans


Shenmue 3 character models attract major criticism

Ys Net has released the first official teaser trailer for Shenmue 3, showcasing an early look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC action-RPG.

Unfortunately, while the game’s environments are certainly looking quite impressive at this early stage, the character models are a different story. 

Fans have already launched heavy criticism at Ryo and chums, accusing the models of looking lifeless and incongruous when compared to the beautifully atmospheric locations on display. 


Shenmue 3 release date delayed

Quite what Ys Net is aiming for with the Shenmue 3 character models right now is anyone’s guess, although it’s worth mentioning the game isn’t due out until 2018, so it’s still early days.

However, creator Yu Suzuki has said that nostalgia will play a big part in Shenmue 3’s appeal, so perhaps Ryo and co are sporting a more archaic look in an effort to recapture the Dreamcast era.

"One of the themes, the main feelings that you get from the game is a feeling of nostalgia," Suzuki-san told Eurogamer. "That’s one of the special qualities of Shenmue, and the fact it was one of the first open world games. That theme, that feeling of nostalgia, continues in all the games."

Shenmue 3 was announced during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference alongside juggernauts such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Last Guardian. The game launched on Kickstarter, and went on to notch up $6.3 million during initial its crowdfunding. 

Last week it was confirmed that Deep Silver, best known for distributing titles such as Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro, will publish Shenmue 3 for PS4 and PC next year.

Shenmue 3 will continue the revenge story of Ryo Hazuki, who has travelled to China to confront the mysterious Lan Di, who brutally killed the 18-year-old’s father during the beginning moments of the original Shenmue.