Shenmue 3 update video shows dramatic rock-sliding QTE

Ys Net has released a new Shenmue 3 update via its Kickstarter page, showcasing what’s been going on behind-the-scenes of the upcoming open-world, action-adventure.

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The video features some of the developers working on various aspects of the game, including one guy who is working on a cliff scene quick-time-event (QTE). In typical Shenmue-style, it looks like players will have to press buttons on their DualShock 4 to correspond with on-screen prompts as they slide down a mountain with a barrage of rocks following close behind.

Check out the Shenmue 3 video.

We can expect many other QTEs when Shenmue 3 launches on PS4 in 2017. Earlier this year, former SEGA legend, Yu Suzuki, praised the use of these action-packed events, saying:

“While QTEs may feel a little wanting to some action gamers, I believe that it is a fundamental technique that allows a broad range of players to actively participate in the dramatic performances of a game. That said, I would like to take up the challenge of creating the next evolution of the QTE.”

In other Shenmue 3 news, it was recently confirmed that the original director of the Shenmue series, Keiji Okayasu, who worked on the original Dreamcast game, has joined the development team.