Shenmue HD release date primed for this year, Remaster rumor!

 shenmue hd remaster

Following the registration of the Shenmue HD domain earlier this year, and SEGA telling fans that it was actively looking at bringing a Shenmue HD Remaster to PS4 and Xbox One at some point, the game now appears have been leaked.

According to RiceDigital, someone who works closely with the publisher Atlus USA confirmed to them that a Shenmue HD Remaster release date will arrive this year and will bundle Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 together.

If true, this means the updated version of Sega’s Japanese-themed open-world action-adventure could arrive before the launch of Shenmue 3. It would make sense to launch the Remaster before Shenmue 3 so fans can get hyped for the third game in the series.

Sega has yet to officially confirm the Shenmue HD release date or reveal when we’ll be able to get our hands-on the brand new title.

What is a concerrn is that RiceDigital suggests that it may not make it to PS4 or Xbox One, or that it could initially be a PC title. "We were told it is ‘safe to assume a PC/Steam release’, there has been no indication that the Shenmue HD Remasters will appear on any other platform," claims the author.