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Silent Hill 2 Remake’s Release Date Is Said To Be Revealed “Soon”

The coming Silent Hill 2 Remake from Bloober Team is, as far as we know, set to arrive sometime in 2024. We’re still without a specific release date for when to expect its arrival on PS5.

Though it doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case for much longer. Per Bloober Team’s latest annual report, (translated by Twitter user MauroNL), the studio’s chief executive officer Piotr Babieno said that we should expect the release date to be revealed “soon.”

We are in the final stages of work on Sillent Hill 2. We expect that a release date and platforms on which the game will appear will be revealed soon.”

While “soon” doesn’t mean it’ll be tomorrow or next week, a quick look at the calendar shows that we’re getting closer to June, the month where every video game publisher and developer stacks their biggest announcements all at once.

Which mean’s it’s likely we can expect to see the release date during a Summer Games Fest-timed showcase of some sort.

Source – [Bloober Team via MauroNL on Twitter]